Hi there again.
This is Jingyi.

My Practice

I am a multimedia experience designer and a design researcher who is passionate about making social impact through empathetic design and technologies.

I design for experiences, digital and physical, practical and speculative. My main practice includes design research, experience design, VR prototypes, and other 3D interactive technologies.

Things I believe as a designer

Testing. Accessibility for all. The power of collective brain. Being an empathetic listener. Not making assumptions. Making plans and leaving time for mistakes. Hi-tech is not always the best solution.

Where I’m from

I grew up on an island in China. Over the past few years, I have studied, worked and lived in Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Berlin, and New York. Right now you can find me at Los Angeles.

Currently I am pursuing my MFA degree in Media Design at ArtCenter College of Design, and I am expected to graduate in April 2021. Prior to this, I graduated from NYU with the degrees in Marketing and Interactive Media Arts.

How I live as a human

Traveling and trying to communicate beyond the language barrier. Making short films about stories I have to tell. Cooking. Debugging my brain through exercises.